Realm royale ranks

Realm Royale Ranking System Guide for Nintendo Switch and PC. You can view our complete guide on how to rank up in Realm Royale and other stats that are tracked as well.

Realm Royale Raiting

The Realm Royale Rankings System will place players in certain rank after they complete ONE match, this will likely be Bronze 5 unless you have a good first match.

  • Bronze – Division V,IV, III, II, I
  • Silver – Division V,IV, III, II, I
  • Gold – Division V,IV, III, II, I
  • Platinum – Division V,IV, III, II, I
  • Diamond – Division V,IV, III, II, I
  • Master Rating
  • Grandmaster Rating

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is a monumental artistic achievement, a video game so creative and full of surprises that we’ll be talking about it for years to come. It’s also unlike any Zelda game before it. For years, Zelda games were defined by “no.” You can’t reach this place until later; you can’t solve this puzzle until you get the right item. Breath of the Wild is the best Zelda game to date, and it accomplishes that simply by saying yes.

A Good Match For: Anyone who likes games that let you explore and make your own fun; horse lovers.

Not A Good Match For: Anyone who preferred the strict structure of other recent Zelda games.

Stardew Valley is an already-great game made indispensable by the Switch. The 2016 farming/dating/life sim lets you forget your worries and embrace a soothingly banal life in the countryside. You water your crops in the morning, and think about how you’re going to improve your farm. You head in to town and stop by the general store to get seeds and chat up the cute boy you’ve had your eye on. And if you want, you explore the mysterious mine, gather magical materials, and uncover the deeper secrets of the valley. It’s a game with a seemingly endless amount to do, and it fits perfectly onto a handheld.

A Good Match For: Fans of games like Animal CrossingHarvest Moon, or Minecraft. Anyone looking for a relaxing but terrifyingly addictive game.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate perfects the long-beloved Super Smash Bros.formula for both the button-mashing seven-year-old and the single-minded competitive gamer. It’s the old platform fighter we’ve been obsessed with since 1999, but this time, with a leviathan roster of 76 fighters. Mastering one could eat up a year, but it’s more fun to sample them all. Smash Ultimate is a museum of Nintendo celebrities, a gaming fandom WrestleMania. Everything is customizable: the rulesets, fighter balancing, stage hazards. With all that stuff, and so many ways to manipulate it, Smash Ultimate is a crowd-pleaser that doesn’t discriminate between a middle school birthday party and a stadium of screaming pros.

A Good Match For: Anyone with a competitive bone in their body, people who have at any point loved Nintendo, anyone who hosts parties or fans of any of the previous Smash games.

Not A Good Match For: People who hate conflict or primarily enjoy gaming alone.